(Inspiring presentation for all audiences)

It’s true, life floods us with terrible storms from time to time.¬†And Sarah has certainly had more than her share of torrential downpours. Not only does Sarah share her amazing story, she inspires and motivates her audiences with her powerful message of perseverance.

Sarah uses her life experiences to encourage others to understand the importance of faith, forgiveness, and hope while undergoing the storms of life. In addition, she stresses the need for building a deeper intimacy with God.

Christian audiences rave about her message as she demonstrates “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but it is learning to dance in the rain.


(Uplifting encouragement to those affected by cancer)

The day before Sarah’s chemotherapy was to begin, she received a message which lead her to 2 Timothy 4:7. These words were her encouragement to “Finish the Race” during her breast cancer journey.

Each of us know someone whose lives have been touched with some form of cancer. In this message, Sarah shares her own story of surviving breast cancer. Sarah will offer insight into this life-changing experience and will reveal the need for living life to the fullest each and every day!


(Motivating young women to possess Godly values)

With 29 years in secondary education, Sarah can certainly relate to the needs of young people. In today’s society, young people need to be encouraged to distinguish the difficult choice between right and wrong and learn how to survive the negative influence of peer pressure.

As an educator, Sarah groomed her students for success, not only in their academic achievement but also in their personal lives. Sarah has the ability, enthusiasm, and heart to motivate and inspire young people to survive in today’s world.


(Exciting interactive presentation for all audiences including youth)

As a teacher, Sarah knew the importance of preparing a lesson plan for each day’s classes and organizing what was to be taught. In this entertaining and thought provoking presentation, Sarah incorporates “lesson” that we learn as adults in order to survive in a very difficult world.

Encouraging audience interaction, Sarah takes her listeners through a typical day of classes, but with her own clever twist on how these lessons apply to our lives today. It’s a delightful journey back to the classroom!

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